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CASA DE ESPAÑOL MÉXICO - My house, is your house

Expand Your Horizons

Welcome to CASA DE ESPAÑOL MÉXICO, the best Spanish Language School in Mexico City.

Enjoy a new experience, learning Spanish with us here at CASA de ESPAÑOL Mexico, having a full immersion in the culture and language.

You will learn every day something new, being able to understand and share the Mexican or Spanish speaking traditions and customs, through our workshop

Learn By Doing and sharing experiences with our teachers, who will help you to integrate in our culture.

By studying Spanish with us, you will also experience a full immersion in the cultural richness, that Mexco City will offer you, being guided by us in your learning process. At the same time, we seek to enrich your experience in the city.

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We care about you!

As a society, we are in a demanding situation with COVID-19. Our teachers do not attend classes with symptoms and take precautions in physical education. We also offer online tuition. Take care of each other!

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