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Organize and manage your important media (books, software, music, games) with Microsoft Media Organizer Product Key to keep track of what you have, where you have it, and who you have it with. With Microsoft Media Organizer you can add information about a title (title, author, media type, and more), a media card, or a location. You can create your own collection of linked computers (Media Servers) and media, and also create collections of media and organized virtual folders. You can add notes to items, have complete control over permissions, plus you can create reports of your media to share with others. Sign up for FREE and have the full version of Media Organizer installed on all of your Microsoft Windows computers for a limited time! * Support for movies and pictures is coming soon! ** If you find Media Organizer useful, consider buying it. Each new version of the program includes all changes for previous versions. We are still working on the latest version. *** We can't wait to hear what you like or don't like about Media Organizer! My review Very bad Overall: Review by Kings from United States Saturday, September 15, 2015 40 This software is very bad for people who likes to play games. If u want to play games on ur computer u are too old to use this software. You must be honest this software is only good for people who likes to organize things. It is not good for people who likes to play games. I thought it is good software and I had downloaded it when i had just turned 17 and i just started using it to organize my games that i downloaded and i just wasted more time to configure that thing than I use it to organize my games and after 5 years u still need to configure it to play games and that sucks. I really really recommend to someone to not to buy this software. U really need to upgrade it to play games. If u use it to organize ur games be honest because it is bad. It worked Overall: Review by Jack from United States Saturday, March 17, 2014 10 If you are looking to add movies,books, and games to the Windows file system or add movies to Windows Media Player then this is the software you want. I have had it for a few years and use it daily to create movie playlists and add movies. Not good Overall: Review a5204a7ec7

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