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Meet Our Teachers



Hi! I’m Carolina, I’m Mexican (chilanga) and I am a Spanish Teacher certified by the CEPE-UNAM. I have over 3 years of experience in Teaching and Copy Editing; currently, I’m doing a certificate in Translation (ENG-SPA). I have taught in-person and online classes. 
I love teaching Spanish, getting into the rules of grammar as well a its roll in speaking; for me, both are very important, after all, learning a new language is learning a new way of organizing your mind! 
Of course I like to make it fun with games,  music, videos, Literature and  conversation. I like coffee, literature, art, feminism, Mandarin and sharing points of view about culture phenomena.


Hello! My name is Daniela. I’m from Mexico City and I’m a Linguist (UNAM) and a certified Spanish teacher as a foreign language by CEPE-UNAM. I have more than 6 years of experience teaching Spanish for foreigners, either in group class or individual lessons. I’ve prepared students for SIELE and DELE exams of different levels. My main goal is to adapt the lessons into the needs of each student.
For me teaching involves not only conversation, but also the understanding and the use of the language. I’m interested on other languages and cultures, IA and dance.



Hello there, my name is Grace. I’m a communicologist with five years of experience teaching Spanish as a foreign language.
In my classroom we’ll focus on your ability to convey what you actually want to say, incorporating both formal and colloquial languages, we’ll read Latin American writers, go over popular sayings and whatever suits your communication interests.
You will be halfway when you make me laugh in Spanish.


Hi!  My name is Julieta, I’m from Mexico City, and I’m a certified Spanish teacher.  I have over 4 years of experience teaching Spanish, both in the classroom and online.  I’ve prepared students for DELE exams of all levels, from beginner to advanced.  I also have experience teaching Spanish in specific subjects such as law, business, medicine, art, culture, among others.  

I focus on each student’s individual needs.  My classes are very conversational, making it easier for my students to learn and lose their fear of speaking.  You’ll feeI more confident talking. I love teaching my language and at the same time sharing my culture.  So, in addition to learning in a pleasant and relaxed way with songs, videos, games, readings and audio recordings, you’ll learn a lot about my culture and traditions.  I love music, concerts, cultural events and traveling. And if you’re reading this, it’s because we already have something in common: the love of languages.  I'll look forward to seeing you soon!



Hello! My name is Laura Julio. I’m from Colombia, but I live in Mexico City. I am certified teacher of Spanish and English with 12 years of experience for different levels (Colombia, Mexico, and Costa Rica). During this time, I have honed my pedagogical skills to offer my students an enriching and creative experience, and which can be put into practice in real contexts. 
Being part and active member of an innovative project such as Casa de Español gives me the possibility as a teacher to adapt and optimize my pedagogical practices in order to promote and share with my students an authentic classroom environment focused on their needs and interests, and which allows the development of significant and active learning.
My experience as a foreign teacher in Mexico City has been an amazing experience, since I have been able to compare two different dialects of Spanish (Colombian and Mexican), and, the most important, two countries full of history, beautiful places, incredible food, and kind people. Then, our classes will be enriched by the encounter of these two cultures, and much more. I’m looking forward to hearing form you!

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